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5 of the best virtual reality apps for your smartphone

best vr reality

If you have the VR headset, you want to know the best VR apps to use. The reality headsets are becoming more and more popular. But, if you want to make sure that you are enjoying your VR headset you need to make sure that you have the right apps. There are many different apps that you can download from the Internet but they aren’t all equally great and recommended. This is why you should know about these 5 best reality apps for your smartphone.


If you are looking for a great app and one of the best apps you can get, you want to use YouTube, especially if you want to watch videos and 3D movies. We all know that YouTube is a good place for watching videos and movies. But with the VR headset, you can even have more fun.

Google Cardboard

Those that have the Google Cardboard VR headset will know that they need the Google Cardboard app to be able to use it on their smartphone correctly.  But it’s an app that can on than just the Google cardboard headset.

With this app you will be able to watch 3D movies and to play 3D games in a virtual reality world. Making this cheap headset a great thing to have. And it is also known as one of the best VR apps online.


Orbulus is an Android and iOS app and can be great fun for everyone with a VR headset or also known as a virtual reality headset. For travelers, this app can be one of the best VR apps on the market.

With this app you can visit places anywhere in the world without even being there any you can visit. Without paying a cent on traveling costs. This can also be a great way to see a place before you actually visit it.


One thing about having a VR headset is the way that you can view your photos that you have taken. However, with the head headset you can view your photos in full 360-degree angle. Making your photos looks professional and it is great to show off the photos to your friends. This is exactly what this creates the virtual reality app is offering you. And why this app is known as one of the best VR apps on the market.

Incell VR

This is the fifth best VR app that you can download for the virtual reality headset. The great thing about this app is that it isn’t just for fun. You can use app for learning possibilities.

best vr reality

Incell VR is all about looking into your body as if you’re a cell. This app is excellent to teach children about the body. And you can see it in a full virtual reality world. get updates at https://www.vrinsite.com/best-vr-apps/

With all the technology that we can find the virtual reality headset is one of the best things that you can purchase for your smartphone. This is if you have the right VR apps. These are just the top 5 VR apps that you can find online. With a bit of research, you will be able to find even more apps that are known as one of the best VR apps for your virtual reality headset.