The best VR apps and games for iPhone

VR headset

VR technology is getting better and more people are using the VR headset for their iPhones. The only problem that many people have is that they don’t have the best VR apps and games that they can use for their iPhones. This is why these apps and games are essential to know for people who are using iPhones.

Relax VR

With the relaxation app, you can get a beautiful ocean and sea views that you can use to calm yourself and to imagine that you are on holiday. Sometimes, life gets tough and you want to have some peace and quiet. This is where this app is being used by many iPhone users.

One of the reasons why many people are using the app is because it’s known as one of the best VR apps for iPhones.

Google street view

We all know that we can use Google Maps as a GPS to find something or somewhere online where you want to go. However, with Google Street View you can use your VR headset to see the real life pictures and images of the place that you are searching for. It also gives you a great idea about the exact place you are looking for.

The VR technology is making sure that it is easier to find any destination in full 3D view. Not only will this app make sure that you find your destination, but it is also a lot of fun to visit places without going actually there. You can drive (virtually) down the street and enjoy 360-degree views from the comfort of your phone.

Spirit runner

If you are looking for a great game for your VR headset for your iPhone you can try Spirit Runner. This game is a simple running game but can be great fun for passing sometime when you are bored. learn more tips at

It’s also a great game to play with friends and family. This might not be the best VR app on the market but it is a great game that is enjoyed all over the world. If you like playing games on your VR headset Spirit Run, it is something you should try.

VR horror

One of the reasons why many people are purchasing VR headset for their iPhones is because of the horror videos that you can watch in a full virtual reality world. One of VR apps and games on the market that you can get free is the VR horror game.

VR headset

This game is that is playable for small children. However, if you are enjoying horror games, then this is a game that you should try on your iPhone and VR headset. Check out their official website for additional details.

When you have a VR headset for your iPhone, you might be interested in downloading and get some apps for your VR headset. Many people are making the mistake of getting and to use apps that aren’t known as the best VR apps for their iPhones. These VR apps and games are designed especially for iPhones and he’s a great way of enjoying your VR headset any time, any place. Be sure of making time to try these best VR apps for your VR headset.